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Saturday, 19-Jun-2021
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ZITTO System Type 250 Non Directional Beacon

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The 150 W totally solid state radio beacon transmitter is a well-proven, efficient
design with outstanding reliability.

The RF output maybe fed by a 50 ohm coaxial cable to an automatic antenna tuning
unit, Model ATU, matching to an antenna system. The ATU maybe located at any
distance from the transmitter. The tuning controls are located on the transmitter, so its
operation may be checked from the transmitter.


    • Cabinet for dual or single transmitter
    • 48 V Battery Charger (3 A or 5 A)
    • Surge Protection Unit for additional ac surge/lightning protection
    • CSA Certification
    • Remote Control units with RS232/RS422 interface for direct
    connect or dial-up operation
    • DC operation: 24 V at 12.8 A maximum (125 W, 95%
    • Synthesized Beacon Monitor Receiver with Loop Antenna