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Saturday, 19-Jun-2021
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  ZITTO Digital Voice Recording System  

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ZITTO DVRS, in operation uses securing access operators at every level,
so that only the personal responsibility who can operate them.

    ZITTO Digital Voice Recorder System (DVRS) is a tape recorder system
    votes to 8 (eight) channels that can monitor and store the signal audio
    from all channels simultaneously. Systems built using very powerful
    hardware and software. In addition, DVRS ZITTO also constructed
    by using redundant systems (Main / standby). ZITTO DVRS is the solution
    to the needs of voice recorder today. ZITTO DVRS can be operated
    automatically when there is an input audio using voice control method
    operation. also to audio files stored automatically in accordance with
    the time (hour, date, month and years). The result of the recording can be
    copied in the form of wav files.