airport equipment
Friday, 12-Aug-2022
PT. IMPERINDO SARANA is a complete Airport Equipment Supplier servicing especially for DGAC Indonesia. We are proud of the relationships with our clients and invite manufacture to support our project.
Airport Car
Local Agent of FERNAU AVIONICS, Distance Measure Equipment (DME) 2007-2009
Installation Location as Follow:
- Longbawan Airport
- Karimunjawa Airport
- Melongguane Airport
- Oksibil Airport
Local Agent of IDMAN PHILIPS, Airfield Lighting 2007-2010
Installation Location as Follow:
- Mamuju Airport
- Curug Airport
- Sorong Airport
- Lalos Toli-toli Airport
Local Agent of RAPISCAN, X-RAY 2002-2003
Installation Location as Follow:
- Surabaya Airport
- Wamena Airport
- Palu Airport
Local Agent of ATIS, Voice Recorder 1998-1999
Installation Location as Follow:
- Gorontalo Airport
- Ternate Airport
- Tarakan Airport

Local Agent of SMA, Solar Inverter
Installation Location as Follow:
- Rote Airport - (EMA Tesisat, SMA Sunbelt, Tesvolt)
- Serui Airport (EMA Tesisat, SMA Sunbelt, Tesvolt)
- Galela Airport (EMA Tesisat)
- Tual Airport (EMA Tesisat)
- Nimnimwel Airport (EMA Tesisat)
- Labuha Airport (EMA Tesisat)
- Naha Airport (EMA Tesisat)
- Fak-Fak Airport (EMA Tesisat)
- Elelim Airport (SMA Sunbelt, Tesvolt)
- Kantor Pusat PAS Bandara

Solar Inverter SMA, As a system technology specialist.
Airfield Guidance Sign
A1200 Elevated Approach Light Clear
Precision Approach Path Indicator
RTIL ALSF Runway End Identifier Light
Lighted Wind Cone
R2150 Runway Edge Light
T2045 Taxiway Edge
kantor pusat pas bandara
ARB Airport Rotating Beacon