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Saturday, 19-Jun-2021
PT. IMPERINDO SARANA is a complete Airport Equipment Supplier servicing especially for DGAC Indonesia. We are proud of the relationships with our clients and invite manufacture to support our project.
  Precision Approach Path Indicator  
Related Standards

  • FAA AC 150/5345-28 L-880
  • ICAO Annex 14 Vol. I Para. 5.3.5
  • STANAG 3316

  • PAPI-400 enables the pilot precisely determine the approach angle
  • PAPI-400 helps landing day and night in average conditions without the need for other instruments
  • Aerodynamic and small in size
  • Sharp transition from white to red and the intensity changes less than 3 times throughout the the full beam width
  • Long lamp life 2×200 W prefocused PK30d quartz halogen has a working life of 1500 hours at full intensity (6,6A) which increases to 2000-4000 hours in practice as the light usually operates at lower intensities
  • Mounting and setting are done easily with special equipment
  • Corrosion proof materials aluminium hardware, stainless steel screws and mounting legs
  • Stable with four legs
  • Waterproof dust proof thanks to the gasket, internal water drained through outlets
  • Lamp bases help provide a healthy beam without doing optical adjustment after each re-lamping
  • Hardened front glass against stones and other flying particles moved by the helicopter propeller