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Saturday, 19-Jun-2021
PT. IMPERINDO SARANA is a complete Airport Equipment Supplier servicing especially for DGAC Indonesia. We are proud of the relationships with our clients and invite manufacture to support our project.
  RELI 12 Inch Inset Runway Edge Light  
Related Standards

  • FAA AC 150/5345-46 L-850C
  • ICAO Annex 14 Vol. I Para. 5.3.9
  • IEC TS 61827
  • STANAG 3316

  • As bidirectional high intensity runway edge light in CAT I, II & III conditions
  • ETL Certified (L850C-RELI-3-2-105W/W)
  • IEC TS 61827 Certified
  • Member of an extensive range of FAA Approved 12 inch diameter inset lights
  • Equipped with two 105 W 6,6 A halogen pre-focused reflector lamps
  • Long lamp life 1000 hours at full intensity (6.6 A) increases to 2000-4000 hours in practice as the light usually operates at lower intensities.
  • Needs very little maintenance with its aluminium body and optics, high temperature resistant wiring, gasket and front glass and stainless steel screws
  • Lamp can be changed from the back easily without removing the reflector and front glass, no special equipment is needed
  • Optical adjustment is done easily by two screws
  • Low rising smooth outer surface
  • Can be installed directly on a 12 inch shallow base or on a L-868 Size B deep base or by means of an adapter ring on a L-868 Size C deep base