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Sunday, 01-Aug-2021
PT. IMPERINDO SARANA is a complete Airport Equipment Supplier servicing especially for DGAC Indonesia. We are proud of the relationships with our clients and invite manufacture to support our project.
EMA Tesisat

Established in 1986, EMA Tesisat is the leading airfield ground lighting manufacturer from Turkey. Known for its products’ quality, reliability and durability EMA Tesisat has been supplying numerous civil and military airports worldwide for 30 years.

EMA Tesisat offers its customers a full range of AGL solutions. EMA Tesisat‘s high quality, reliable AGL products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Procedures and Sytems. Our products are fully compliant with and tested to International Standards including ICAO, FAA, IEC and CENELEC. Our range of 12 inch inset lights has recently received FAA certification.


  1   1.2   1.3   1.4   2.0
  PA45 Portable Airfield Light   RGL Runway Guard Light WIGWAG   T2045 Taxiway Edge Blue   R2150 Runway Edge Light   RTEL 12 Inch Inset Runway End Threshold Light
  2.1   2.2   2.3   2.4   3.0
  8 Inch Inset Runway Taxiway Center Line Light   TDZ 12 Inch Inset Touchdown Zone Light   RELI 12 Inch Inset Runway Edge Light   T2045B 8 Inch Inset Taxiway Edge Light1   REIL RTIL ALSF Runway End Identifier Light1
  3.1   3.2   3.3   4.0   5.0
  Precision Approach Path Indicator   ATLI 12 Inch Inset Approach Light   A1200 Elevated Approach Light Clear   LED Heliport Beacon   Airfield Guidance Sign1
  5.1   5.2   6.0   7.0   7.1
  Airfield Guidance Sign2   Airfield Guidance Sign3   Airfield Remote Control Desk   Lighted Wind Cone   Landing Direction Indicator
  8.0   8.1   9.0   9.1   9.2
  Obstruction Light2   Obstruction Light1   Silicone Coated Fiberglass Sleeving   Silicone Rubber Tubing   Silicone Cable with Fiberglass Braiding
  9.3   15.0   15.1   16.0   16.1
  Silicone Insulated Cable   T36045 8 Inch Inset Heliport Light1   T36045 8 Inch Inset Heliport Light2   Primary Connector Kit for Screened Cable   Primary Connector Kit for Unscreened Cable
    16.2   17.0   17.1   18.0   18.1
    Secondary Connector Kit   Isolation Transformer Style7 Receptacle   Isolation Transformer Style8 Receptacle   Constant Current Regulator1   Constant Current Regulator2
    18.2   18.3   10   14.0   14.1
    Constant Current Regulator3   Constant Current Regulator4   ARB Airport Rotating Beacon   Airfield Frangible Couplings1   Airfield Frangible Couplings2
    14.2   13.0   13.1   13.2   13.3
    Frangible Mast   8 Inch L 868 Deep Base   12 Inch L 868 Deep Base   15 Inch L 868 Deep Base   8 Inch Shallow Base
    13.4   121   122   123    
    12 Inch Shallow Base   T2045 Heliport Edge Green   T2045 Heliport Edge Yellow   T 2045 Red