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Saturday, 19-Jun-2021
PT. IMPERINDO SARANA is a complete Airport Equipment Supplier servicing especially for DGAC Indonesia. We are proud of the relationships with our clients and invite manufacture to support our project.
  A1200 Elevated Approach Light Clear  
    3.3   3.3.1   3.3.2   3.3.3    
Related Standards

  • FAA AC 150/5345-46 L-862S FAA-E-982
  • ICAO Annex 14 Vol. I Para. 5.3.4
  • IEC TS 61827
  • STANAG 3316
  • As high intensity approach centerline, crossbar and side row light in CAT I, II & III conditions
  • As high intensity threshold, threshold wing bar, runway end and stop bar light in CAT I, II and III conditions
  • As heliport flood light with visor
  • IEC TS 61827 certified
  • Easily mounted with breakable coupling over a 2” conduit elbow.
  • Needs no maintenance with its aluminium body and optics, temperature resistant wiring, gasket and front glass and stainless steel screws
  • Lamp changed from the back easily without removing the reflector and front glass. PK30d quartz halogen, prefocused lamp needs no special equipment to be changed
  • Optical adjustment is done easily by two screws
  • Long lamp life uses 200 W lamp for threshold, 150W for approach , 100W for runway end and 45W for stop bar