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Sunday, 01-Aug-2021
PT. IMPERINDO SARANA is a complete Airport Equipment Supplier servicing especially for DGAC Indonesia. We are proud of the relationships with our clients and invite manufacture to support our project.
Airport Car

PT. IMPERINDO SARANA was established in Jakarta since 1992. Supporting by the best company around the world, who also become our valued networking on technologies and businesses which ensure that will got the most up to date solutions for our clients.

Employee with great experiences in Airport and Aircraft Panel Instrument control are brought along with sense of services and commitment, readily to give comprehensive facilities solution and to serve best.

Our project team and dedicated project managers ensure contracts run smoothly and provide a single point of contact within PT Imperindo qualified to address all our cuntomers needs. The project manager will be appointed at the time of contract award and will remain responsible of the cotract throughout its duration. Management, development, engineering, installation, and commissioning to ensure that all objectives are met.

Quality of Production
Imperindo's high quality, reliable products are manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Procedures and Systems. Our products are fully compliant with and tested to International Standards, Including VDE, ICAO, FAA, IEC and CENELEC
Local Agent of FERNAU AVIONICS, Distance Measure Equipment (DME) 2007-2009
Installation Location as Follow:
- Longbawan Airport
- Karimunjawa Airport
- Melongguane Airport
- Oksibil Airport
Local Agent of IDMAN PHILIPS, Airfield Lighting 2007-2010
Installation Location as Follow:
- Mamuju Airport
- Curug Airport
- Sorong Airport
- Lalos Toli-toli Airport
Local Agent of RAPISCAN, X-RAY 2002-2003
Installation Location as Follow:
- Surabaya Airport
- Wamena Airport
- Palu Airport
Local Agent of ATIS, Voice Recorder 1998-1999
Installation Location as Follow:
- Gorontalo Airport
- Ternate Airport
- Tarakan Airport

Local Agent of SMA, Solar Inverter
Installation Location as Follow:
- Rote Airport - (EMA Tesisat, SMA Sunbelt, Tesvolt)
- Serui Airport (EMA Tesisat, SMA Sunbelt, Tesvolt)
- Galela Airport (EMA Tesisat)
- Tual Airport (EMA Tesisat)
- Nimnimwel Airport (EMA Tesisat)
- Labuha Airport (EMA Tesisat)
- Naha Airport (EMA Tesisat)
- Fak-Fak Airport (EMA Tesisat)
- Elelim Airport (SMA Sunbelt, Tesvolt)
- Kantor Pusat PAS Bandara