Our Mission
" Performing With Integrity, professionalism, and the
first thing is the safety flight for any passenger"
Is a complete airport equipment supplier PT IMPERINDO SARANA was established in Jakarta since 1992
servicing especially for  DGAC Indonesia
Supporting by the best company around the world, who also become our valued networking on
technologies and businesses which ensure that will got the most up to date solutions for  our clients.
We are  proud of  the relationships  with  
our  clients  and  invite  manufacture  to Employee with great experiences in Airport and Aircraft Panel Instrument control are brought along with
support our project. sense of services and commitment, readily to give comprehensive facilities so lutation and to serve best
Our project team and dedicated project managers ensure contracts run smoothly and provide a single
point of contact within PT Imperindo qualified to address all our customers needs.The project manager
will be appointed at the time of contract award and will remain responsible for the contract throughout its
duration.Management, development, engineering, installation, and commissioning to ensure that all
objectives are met.
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